About Us

In a highly innovative and forward focus industry of Air-conditioning & Refrigeration, Floe International has set out to establish new standards of quality and distribution through its flagship brand ‘Floe’. Floe International is now one of the leading suppliers of HVAC equipment throughout the US, European and MENA region. With respect to its production of all accessories and refrigerants, Floe has maintained complete quality assurance in all its processes. The company has been working on standards set by AHRI 700 and has grown leaps and bounds to extend its distribution world-wide.

Floe Refrigerants

Floe Refrigerants are now being exported to more than 25 countries throughout the world. The environmentally friendly refrigerants are now being used in a wide array of applications including Commercial Air Conditioning, Supermarkets, Residential Projects, and Automotive.

Floe Accessories

The brand is not only limited to Refrigerants but has also expanded into new product segments specifically HVAC accessories. These product categories including Copper, Capacitors, Thermostats and Compressors are considered premium products in the HVAC Industry throughout the world.


Floe Copper tubes are manufactured under supervision of our US based Copper quality management division. Our world standard production facilities in Korea produces Copper tubes tailored for every industry.


Floe capacitors come in CBB 65 design ranging from 5uf to 65+5 uf. The Korean made capacitors come with 1 year replacement warranty and are compatible with all units.


Floe’s Programmable and Non- Programmable thermostats range from traditional designs to touchscreen and smart technology. Floe thermostats are trusted for quality throughout the world.

Blowing Agents

Considering the phaseout of CFC's and HCFC's, Floe International has introduced non-ozone depleting Blowing agents for various foam manufacturing industries.

Distribution Network

Floe refrigerants and accessories are trusted by OEMs, MEP Contractors, Facility Management Establishments and other end users in more than 25 countries. The premium quality and excellent service has penetrated into regions including South America, Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific, and Europe. Floe aims to set new benchmarks in HVAC industry throughout the globe.

ISO Standards

The Impeccable Quality and satisfied clientele that Floe enjoys is a result of our strong focus on imperative business areas of Environmental, Health and Safety management. These areas form a core function in Floe USA’s product development and research. In this regard, Floe International works hard to ensure compliance with ISO 9001:2008, Environmental Standard ISO 14001:2004 and Health and Safety OHSAS 18001:2007 international standards. These efforts initiate from the Floe USA’s mission to ensure responsible business practices, developing products and services to satisfy needs of the society, considering Profits to be a fallout. 
To ensure its compliance with ISO, Environmental and Health & Safety standards, Floe International has set out policies with the following stipulations:
  • All concerned parties shall work in an environmentally and ethically responsible manner to carry out business while emphasizing on quality as main yardstick of performance.
  • All concerned parties shall carry out processes to mitigate risks to health and workplace safety while working with HVAC plants and equipment.
  • All parties shall strive to create awareness on responsible business practices.
  • All concerned parties shall ensure compliance with their local and regional legislative outlines.
  • Floe USA employees shall focus on continuous improvement in business practices.
  • Floe USA employees and management shall ensure complete business transparency verified by regular audit programs.
  • Floe USA employees shall constantly strive in providing optimum customer service throughout the service regions, irrespective of client’s size and business potential.
  • Floe USA employees shall constantly work with international suppliers and customers for initiating responsible supply chain methods ensuring safe handling of all chemicals and compounds.
  • Floe USA, Policy statements shall be properly published on all communication media for constant awareness of employees and all concerned parties.


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